7 Extraordinary Secrets We Learned At The 'Heroes Reborn' Panel


Where are the heroes? At Comic-Con, duh.

Today (July 12) "Heroes Reborn," the upcoming mini-series continuation of NBC's groundbreaking 2006 TV show, made it's San Diego Comic-Con debut in front of an enthusiastic Hall H crowd.

Producer Tim Kring led the charge, along with returning stars Jack Coleman and Greg Grunberg (who also moderated, charming guy that he is), and newcomers Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay, Kiki Sukezane, Ryan Guzman, Gatlin Green, Judith Shekoni, Danika Yarosh, Rya Kihlstedt and Henry Zebrowski.

Oh, and 6,000 Hall H attendees, of course:

In addition to Tim Kring's first tweet since 2012, here's what you missed at the panel:

The Show Owes Itself To The Fans

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Nine years ago, the "Heroes" crew came to Comic-Con with "a film reel and a dream," Kring told the audience when he came out. It was there that the show first started to gain popularity and very quickly became an ambitious, massive phenomenon -- and now it's getting another chance. "This isn't supposed to happen where you get a second bite of the apple."

The New "Heroes" Is More Than Just A TV Series



Part of what made the original "Heroes" so engaging was that it went far beyond the television screen and into the real world with ARG elements like the Primatech Paper website and weekly comic tie-ins.

This time around, "Heroes: Reborn" will be accompanied by two video games that bridge the gap between the first series and the new mini-series; six ebook prequels; an app full of video content; and a prequel webseries called "Dark Matters" that premiered back on July 9 on the app.

We were also treated to a special screening of the first episode of "Dark Matters," which sets up the story of what's been happening in the world of "Heroes" using found footage of Henry Zebrowski's character, Quentin, and his sister, Phoebe -- who outs herself to him as an Evo, the name given to those with extraordinary abilities.

There's A New Extended Trailer!

Things are very different with this series, not just because so much time has passed. They've shot all over the world and can create much better special effects -- and it absolutely shows in the extended trailer that we watched.

The series picks up five years after the original, where Evos are being hunted down -- by Zachary Levi and Judith Shekoni, who are the bad guys in this series. In the trailer we also get a better look at all the new characters, as well as the returning characters of Mohinder, Noah Bennett, Angela Petrelli, Matt Parkman -- and Micah!

We Met The New Heroes -- And Some Returning Ones

Then Grunberg excitedly brought the rest of the cast on stage as ACDC's "Back In Black" blared over the speakers. Once they settled, they talked about their characters and what kind of powers they have -- or that they don't have. Zachary Levi, for example, is taking on a much different role than people remember him for in "Chuck." You know, because Chuck never killed anybody.

Jack Coleman, the most iconic returning member of the original cast, told the audience that the very first time he put on his iconic HRG glasses again was for that amazing Super Bowl spot we all saw in February. "I felt like I was dressing up for Halloween," he said, but things quickly came back to him -- especially when he got his gun.

There Were Surprise Guests!


Jimmy Jean Louis, aka the mysterious Haitian from the first season, arrived as a special guest. Masi Oka also sent a heartfelt video message wishing that he could be with the cast -- except then he decided to use his teleportation powers and just showed up in person.

But that's not all! Oka brought a clip with him, of Hiro saving Mohinder from certain doom with some BADASS dual katanas skils. Like, seriously intense, can't-believe-this-is-gonna-be-on-primetime stuff. "Yatta" indeed.

Your Old School "Heroes" Watching Was Not In Vain


Like we said, there were a lot of comics, digital series, and webseries that came along with the first run of "Heroes", as well as a LOT of twists and turns in each season. Don't worry, hardcore fans -- while the new series does go beyond what the original show did, they're also not going to retcon away of the continuity they've already established. "We really want to honor fans who watched every episode," Kring said.

This New Show Might Just Suck You Back In



Everyone agreed that if you were a fan of the original show when it first aired but dropped off during the series' run, then rest assured that this new version is going to new, more interesting, and much darker places. The way they went off the air with Claire exposing her powers to the whole world, Grunberg said, "was probably the best pilot possible."

"We've had a long rest and a good night's sleep," Kring said. "We're ready to save the world again."

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