Abstinence-Preaching Bristol Palin Is Pregnant Again -- MTV's 'Braless' Asks What Went Wrong

Does abstinence ever really work?

Bristol Palin, the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, travels around the country getting paid (a lot) to speak about abstinence, and it was recently revealed that she's accidentally pregnant. For the second time. On this week's episode of "Braless," Laci Green discusses Bristol and the dangers of abstinence-only sex-ed.

"The fact that Bristol is pregnant AGAIN is a massive face-palm of hypocrisy," Laci says, "but it also stands as yet another testament to how well abstinence-only programs really work. ...It nearly always fails people who need it the most -- including Bristol herself."

Laci takes a look at who's promoting abstinence-only education and why, and points to evidence that proves giving teens comprehensive sex-ed and access to birth control works way better at reducing accidental pregnancies, STDs, and abortions than telling them not to have sex. Check out the full episode, and let us know your take on the issue.