Green Day Has Some Choice Words For Trump With 'Troubled Times'

You don't have to read between the lines of their latest lyric video

"We live in troubled times" is the most on-the-nose description our current political climate, but the new single from Green Day doesn't leave any room for interpretation as its lyric video is chock full of imagery that really, truly drives the point of the song home.

The track — off Revolution Radio, Green Day's latest album — makes a point to ask tough questions throughout, highlighting hypocrisy ("What good is love and peace on earth/When it's exclusive?") and stressing just how serious this moment in history is.

Instead of simply scrolling through the words of "Troubled Times," Green Day opted to pair its phrases with jarring, disturbing art to further strengthen their message. The faces of Martin Luther King, Jr., suffragettes, and various men and women speaking out against hatred with "NO BORDER WALL!" and "UNITE AGAINST ISLAMOPHOBIA AND WAR!" signs are abruptly shoved aside to make room for a fanged Donald Trump and the sinister hoods of the Ku Klux Klan.

Doves carrying olive branches explode before they deliver their messages of peace. Fingers play the barbed wires of a prison fence as if they were guitar strings, and the animated likeness of the band is worked right into the crowd of a protest as the chorus repeats itself.

As far as lyric videos go, this may be one of the most devastating — and timely — ones yet. Green Day put the "power" back in power chord, for sure, and "Troubled Times" is proof of that.