Why Did This Mom Knit A Full-Size Doll That Looks Exactly Like Her Son?

She called it a "tribute to puberty and [her] sons."

Marieke Voorsluijs from Amsterdam is truly talented at knitting. She posts her creations on her website, Club Geluk. Her latest project, a cushiony-soft replica of her son, is getting attention across the internet for its uniqueness.

"I am a professional knitter who likes to knit weird things," Voorsluijs wrote to MTV News in an email. "I felt like knitting my son, he liked it and we worked together on it ... It was a fun family art project!"

Marieke Voorsluijs / Club Geluk

6 knit watch

It took the fam two months to knit the boy, which comes complete with a knitted cap and iPod -- since, y'know, that's where the kids are spending their time these days. Voorsluijs has two sons and the knitted version "has characteristics of both," she told BuzzFeed. The smallest son is able to wear the knit costume IRL.

"It is more like a tribute to puberty and my sons," she clarified. "We do not have real issues with puberty, intimacy or contact. Quite the opposite actually!"

See more pics of the creative project below.

Marieke Voorsluijs / Club Geluk

1 son

Marieke Voorsluijs / Club Geluk

3 knit

Marieke Voorsluijs / Club Geluk

4 knit again

Marieke Voorsluijs / Club Geluk

5 knit nose

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