Chrissy Teigen May Low-Key Cosplay As The Hulk At The Grammys

This should be interesting

I'm still upset that I didn't get Chrissy Teigen as my Patronus on that Pottermore quiz, because she is one glorious human being. Whether she's breaking the law in Rihanna's name, dressing up Luna in tons of adorable costumes, or helping spoof Magic Mike, she's constantly making her fans laugh out loud.

Her latest Chrissy-ism combines Fun Dip candy and the Grammys. On Saturday (February 11), the model tweeted a pic that's a little, um, unusual: Her hand is stained green. Guess Fun Dip isn't always fun, is it? (Sorry.)

One fan wondered how this even happened, since you're provided with a candy stick to use to avoid this fiasco. Of course, Teigen admitted she munched on the stick before tackling the candy powder. This behavior is confusing, since Teigen followed Fun Dip directions correctly just a couple of weeks ago.

The Twittersphere offered the model some suggestions as to how to fix this Fun Dip faux pas. "Tell everybody you Hulked out but you're only a little angry," one person said, while another encouraged her to just "dye [her] whole hands green."

Even better, one fan basically told her to go big or go home, tweeting, "Go full elphaba," and posted a pic of the Wicked character. Between cosplaying as either the Hulk or Elphaba, Teigen really can't go wrong. We can't wait to see how she'll handle this situation at the Grammys tonight.

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