One Direction 'This Is Us' Sequel On The Way? Not So Fast

Boy band's rep tells MTV News sequel rumors are untrue... 'at this time.'

Listen, we know y'all are anxiously awaiting another fireworks-laden One Direction 3-D bonanza a la "This Is Us," but you're just going to have be patient.

Despite what "One Direction: This Is Us" director Morgan Spurlock told The Daily Star, a rep for the boy band tells MTV News a sequel has said reports that the guys are already filming a sequel are untrue ("at this time").

"This Is Us," which hit theaters last August, was the fourth highest-grossing concert film of all time, earning nearly $30 million in the U.S. and almost $70 million worldwide.

But don't lose hope: They could very well confirm the news soon. The guys were spotted with camera men in tow when they visted Machu Picchu recently, and back in September, the guys' mentor, Simon Cowell, told us that they would "for sure" be interested in another movie.

"Yeah, for sure. We'd love to do another movie with them," Cowell said. "But they've got this massive tour next year, so we've got to work into their schedule, hopefully."

The tour he's referring to is their massive Where We Are Tour, which kicked off in Bogota, Colombia, at the end of April, and will wrap up in Miami in October.