Listen To Taylor Swift's 'Out Of The Woods' Clip As She Explains The 'Frantic Anxiety' Of A Relationship

Tay gives us a small clip of 'Out of the Woods' on 'Good Morning America.'

Taylor Swift finally led us "Out of the Woods" with her new 1989 track, which she premiered on "Good Morning America" on Monday morning (October 13).

"I wanted to makes sure the songs sounded exactly the way the emotions felt," she told the morning talk show, explaining the "fragility" of a former relationship, which Rolling Stone says is with Harry Styles.

“This was a relationship where I was kind of, living day to day, wondering where it was going, if it was going to go anywhere, if it was going to end the next day,” Swift said. “It was a relationship where you, kind of, never feel like you’re standing on solid ground … .”

The track is available on Tuesday, but we got a preview of the pop song this morning. Through the screams of fans out on the street, you can hear the '80s inspiration of the song, which was co-written by fun.'s Jack Antonoff.

Last night, Taylor was shaking it off on the U.K.'s "X Factor," giving her first single a bit of a gospel push with next backup singers.