'Teen Wolf' Poll: Should Scott Tell Malia That Peter Is Her Father?

The werecoyote's already been through so much -- and this could send her over the edge.

If you thought Scott McCall had daddy issues, just remember: Peter Hale is Malia's father, and the reckless werecoyote still has no idea.

Last season on "Teen Wolf," Lydia discovered -- by listening to memories that were left inside the claws of Peter's sister Talia -- that Malia was the former alpha wolf's daughter. And though the former Eichen House patient has made great strides since becoming human, no one has bothered to tell her the truth.

On the show's most recent episode, Peter nearly spilled the beans when he complimented Malia's eyes and asked if she'd inherited them from her old man. But she brushed him off, saying they were from her mother's gene pool.

Meanwhile, Malia's pseudo-boyfriend Stiles insists that it's time for her to know where her family tree is rooted, but Scott's not so sure. Plus, considering Malia's tendency to go nuts every time her blood pressure spikes, there's no telling what she might do when the world-altering news sinks in.

So tell us what you think -- should Scott and his friends open the Hale can of worms, or keep it shut and leave Malia in the dark? Take our poll, and expand on your choice in the comments!

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