Kanye West Reflects On All Those Times He's Broken The Internet

Just like wifey.

Kim Kardashian is liable to break the Internet, sure. But so is her husband, Kanye West. And he has some thoughts about that power.

"Every time I crash the Internet, it's like this little drop of truth," he told TIME in his interview for TIME 100. “Every time I say something that’s extremely truthful out loud, it literally breaks the Internet. So what are we getting all of the rest of the time?”

We're not getting Kanye-isms, that's for sure. And I, for one, am always ready for more Kanye-isms. While, yes, he does break the Internet with his music, he seems to be referring here to the times that his interviews, onstage rants and general vocal opinions and ideas have gone viral.

Luckily, he provided a little drop in the rest of the interview.

"I don't care about having a legacy," he said. "I don't care about being remembered. The most important thing to me is, while I'm here, while we're having fun, while we're going to sleep and breathing oxygen, and living life, and falling in love and having pain and having joy, is, what can I do with my voice, what can we do for each other to make life easier? To make life doper for our kids as they grow?"

"We were born into a broken world, and we're like the cleanup crew."

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