The Door's Been Unlocked: 'Fantasy Factory' Is Re-Opening For A Final, Final Season

Hey, the Stones have had how many farewell tours...?

Rob Dyrdek may have locked up the Fantasy Factory "for good" earlier this year, but thankfully, he never forgot how to sneak in through the window.

Dyrdek's adult wonderland, which waved goodbye to fans in a final blowout season, is COMING BACK in a few short weeks, and you can thank sentimental Rob for its return. The man who once famously pegged sweet Chanel West Coast in the face with a dodgeball...twice...has got a veritable amusement park planned for the show's upcoming episodes. And in the trailer below, you'll find him and his pals racing on ostriches, perfecting "popcorn roulette" and, of course, dressing like sh**.

"You are the most handsomest piece of sh** that I've ever seen," Big Black observes in the video. No arguments here!

And, Dyrdek loyalists, that's not all you've got to look forward to! As part of "Double Dyrdek" Thursday, "Ridiculousness" is also on its way back to MTV to give you the latest and greatest from the wide world of Internet FAILS. There's no telling exactly what's to come, but at the very least, we've been guaranteed the revisiting of SCORPIONS. THANK YOU, SWEET JESUS.

Surprised to hear there's more "Fantasy Factory" on the way, and will you tune in to the new "Ridiculousness" season? Hang tight for "Double Dyrdek" Thursdays starting New Year's Day at 10/9c!