Lil Wayne Auto-Tunes His Nightmares In New ‘Dreams’ Performance

He told the audience about a scary experience on 'Fallon'

Start your day off with Lil Wayne's flex-heavy performance of "Dreams" from the February 5 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Questlove and The Roots joined him for the Auto-Tuned show that cranked the energy knob to the max. It's great to see Wayne back in rare form like this, having fun with his music.

Lil Wayne's show was pretty simple but effective. "Dreams" is about the rapper hallucinating that he's broke. Before it can settle in, he jolts awake to a life of riches and spontaneity. While metallically singing about this scary thought, the screen behind him broadcasted dark thunderstorm clouds, potentially indicating that being without his funds would really be a nightmare.

But once he got out of his sleep in the song, the energy in his performance kicked to the extreme with Questlove's high-octane pounding of drums and Wayne's own psychedelic, possessed screaming. The entire song is built around the shock of potentially losing it all, so Wayne's excited delivery matched its necessary intensity. "Thank God it was just a dream!" he shouts and sings into the microphone. After repeating it over and over, "Woke up and I screamed!" comes next, transferring over to you this same white-hot energy.

"Dreams" appears on Funeral, Wayne's latest album that dropped at the end of January. The LP features "I Do It," his collaboration with Big Sean and Lil Baby. Adam Levine, the late XXXTentacion, and more also make appearances.

Wayne surprised fans around the world when he performed as a robot on The Masked Singer during its latest season premiere. Let's get one thing straight: Once the automaton began performing Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way," it was instantly clear that Wayne was under the mask, even if the judges had no clue (they guessed Floyd Mayweather Jr., Steve-O, and other equally odd picks). It was startling though, just because the rapper even appeared on the show, something that host Nick Cannon even marveled at afterward.

Check out Lil Wayne's performance of "Dreams" on Fallon up above.