'The Walking Dead': What You Missed On Tonight's Episode

From Walker attacks to more of Michonne's origin revealed, here's all the big moments in this week's episode.

After a season premiere that fired on all cylinders — and broke TV-ratings records — "The Walking Dead" ever so slightly settled down in its second week. And by settled down, we mean had an insane amount of Walkers, the deaths of several minor characters and at least two standout emotional bits. Just another normal day at the prison! Here's all the huge moments you missed on Sunday night's (October 20) episode, "Infected":

Who's Feeding the Walkers?

As if the undead wasn't enough to deal with, someone has been feeding the Walkers rats, drawing them closer to the fence — and causing a nearly disastrous fence collapse later on in the episode. Oh, and then someone — maybe the same someone — does something hideously heinous at the end of the episode that we'll get to in a moment. Point being: There's a traitor in the camp, and Rick better put on his detective hat quick to figure out who it is. Note: His detective hat is different than his sheriff's hat.

Walking Dead: The Musical

Tyreese sings. Beth sings. We're one Walker bursting into song away from this turning into "Little Prison of Horrors."

Attack on Cell Block D

We knew this was coming after Patrick turned into a Walker at the end of last episode, but after a nearly silent horror movie opening where Carl's dear, departed friend goes to town on a nameless prisoner, everything goes to hell. Walkers are everywhere, our heroes start slaughtering them by the dozen, and it ends with a good portion of the Cell Block D population either dead or dying.

You Can't Amputate a Human Head

"Walking Dead" shouldn't be able to get us with these moments anymore, and yet, this one totally got us: Carol tries to save a Prison-er by amputating his bitten arm — only to discover he's been bitten on the back of the neck. Oops.

It's Called "Gripe" In Spanish

As if a traitor and the undead wasn't enough, now our survivors have to deal with a virulent strain of the Spanish Flu. It might be tough for viewers to get excited about a really bad cold, but when it kills people in a day, and there's no modern medicine left, things are going to get way worse than this episode indicated.

The Fence Comes Down

Or, it almost comes down, as Rick, Glenn, Maggie and more try desperately to stop the outer fence from falling. This leads to the standout gross-out moment of the episode, as a Walker's face slowly gets squeezed through the chain link fence. Yuck!

Rick: Pig in the City

Poor little piglets. Realizing that the pigs might be sick, and might even be the source of the infection, Rick decides to kill two Walkers with one stone. On the back of a truck, he slowly, sadly kills the pigs and drops them for the Walkers, leading them away from the fence. The moment underscores that Rick has realized he can't just be a simple farmer and plays off something Daryl told him earlier in the episode: Rick might deserve a break, but that break is officially over.

Michonne's Baby?

Best scene in the episode? Michonne, downed with a sprained ankle after a Walker attack, is forced to hold baby Judith after Beth gets a little bit o' spit-up on her shoulder. At first, Michonne refuses, but then brings the baby closer, and just starts crying. Did Michonne have a child of her own that she lost? Is this something that will play out further over the course of the season? Either way, Danai Gurira nails this scene and continues to make Michonne one of our favorite characters on TV.

Serious Burn, Tyreese

And then the kicker: Tyreese's new girlfriend has been downed with the flu. He goes to visit her (and another guy who gets named, but never seen). Arriving at the "quarantine" area, he discovers a trail of blood, follows it out to the yard ... and finds some crispy-fried girlfriend. She and the other guy have been burned, possibly alive, and are definitely dead now. That's one way of beating the flu, but it also looks like we might have big, big trouble right here in prison city.

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