Brody Jenner's 'Personal-Life Lips Are Sealed' At 'Hills' Finale

'I'm going to keep that part of my life completely separate,' he tells MTV News when asked about rumored girlfriend Avril Lavigne.

Brody Jenner has been anything but low-key in his role on [url id=""]"The Hills."[/url] He's made his mark on the show as the playboy of the group and has been less than private about his relationships. But Tuesday night (July 13) on [article id="1643604"]"The Hills" finale[/article] red carpet, Brody was singing a different tune.

From his notorious hookups with on-again, off-again girlfriend Kristin Cavallari to his tumultuous relationship with Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole, Brody has made waves with all the women on the show. He's flirted with Audrina Patridge and even brought a new girl onto the scene when he briefly dated McKaela. But on Tuesday, Brody was tight-lipped when approached about his love life. Rumors have been swirling for months that [article id="1643100"]Brody has been cozying up with singer Avril Lavigne[/article], but he wouldn't dish the dirt.

"No, [my relationship] doesn't get addressed on the show," he told MTV News. "I think that right now, at this moment, this is the last and final episode, so my personal life is under wraps from now. I don't have a show to put it all on, so I'm going to keep that part of my life completely separate, and I'm going to keep my personal-life lips sealed."

Brody has been quite candid about his former friend, Spencer Pratt. The two were close friends, but as Spencer began to get stranger, Brody became more and more distant. He, just like the rest of us, was wondering what tricks Spencer might have up his sleeve on Tuesday's red carpet. Brody was just as much in the dark as the rest of us, proving only further just how far apart Spencer has grown from the group. Though he didn't name names, Brody mentioned Spencer when discussing the show's effect on his relationships.

"I lost a few relationships out of [the show], which obviously turned out to be a good thing, but really I'm a very personal person, and a lot of times you get these cameras, and they come into your life and it's crazy and you feel like you're obligated and you have to share those certain things, so now that it's over [makes cutoff gesture]."

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