Charli XCX's 'I Got It' Is The Weirdest, Most Exciting Peek At Her New Mixtape

CupcaKKe, Brooke Candy and Pabllo Vittar also assist on the track

Charli XCX just keeps them coming.

Ever since announcing her brand-new upcoming mixtape, Pop 2, Charli's been leaving a breadcrumb trail of songs from the project until its release on Friday, December 15. Today's offering, "I Got It," is the most eclectic and futuristic of the bunch yet.

Over a thudding, squealing track overseen by Umru and trusted collaborator PC Music's A.G. Cook, Charli relegates herself to a quick second verse and the repeated hook of the title, but mostly steps out of the way for her guests. And what guests she's enlisted this time.

Brooke Candy's stark saccharine rhymes kick things off before yielding to a head-spinning verse from CupcaKKe and a lilting Brazilian closer from Pabllo Vittar.

In the span of three days, Charli's presented a blurry heartbreak ode in "Out of My Head," a dizzying, sugar-rush crush anthem in "Unlock It," and the stylistically diverse "I Got It." If you can't find something to be excited about on the forthcoming Pop 2 by now, well, I just don't know what to tell you.

Check out what Charli had to tell MTV News about her moment-defining music video for "Boys" below.

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