'The Flash': Every Easter Egg In The New Poster

So many hints, so much to speculate about!

As anticipation for The CW's latest comic book adaptation series, "The Flash," continues to ramp itself up, the network has decided to release a new teaser poster to throw those DC Universe geeks into hyperdrive and über-speculation.

Because — hoo boy — are there a heck of a lot of easter eggs in this thing.

Being that we are the servicey sort, we've decided to break 'em all down for you, because what's more fun than pointing out tiny, minute details that potentially speak to a fascinating (and interconnected!) new series and season ahead? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.

First up, let's take a look at the poster all together now, shall we?

The CW Network

Now here's where the fun begins.

First off, the Queen Consolidated building which we've already seen before (on "Arrow," duh), with Star Labs — the not-blown-up iteration — diagonally below it.

As you continue to move down the poster there's a wee Big Belly Burger, which has tons of meaning and significance to the universe. And perhaps most menacing of all is the graffiti on the next corner: GRODD LIVES, perhaps? Oh my gorilla goodness.

On the left side there's a bit of graffiti on the wall we cannot make out (please send your suggestions and ideas straight to the comments, please!).

Another exciting Big Bad tease? That Amertek building sign. Could we perhaps see a John Henry Irons/Steel reboot in the works with that? And would that then mean we'd see a tie to Superman?

There's an arrow sign (which we're going to go ahead and assume is green because, I mean, c'mon), that points us towards the building immediately next to Amertek: Kord Enterprises. Mentioned a ton on "Arrow," the appearance all-but confirms long-held suspicions that Ted Kord (a.k.a. Blue Beetle) is likely to pop up on "The Flash" this season (!!!).

One question, though: could that tower, on the left side, opposite Queen Consolidated be GothCorp? Because it looks like a lowercase g to us. Oh snap, crackle, pop, y'all! October 7th cannot come soon enough.

Let us know what others we may have missed — or if you think we're wrong! — in the comments.

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