Jermaine Dupri Partners With Tag Deodorant For New Label; Says Janet Jackson Is '100 Percent Better' After Illness

'There's a lot going on in the world that makes it hard to do the old conventional record business,' Dupri explains to

Jermaine Dupri knows what success smells like, and apparently that scent is ... men's deodorant?

The Atlanta music mogul announced Thursday (April 10) that he has partnered with Tag Body Spray in a new venture, Tag Records, which will combine the multiplatinum producer's expertise with the Proctor & Gamble-owned company's marketing muscle.

Dupri will serve as president of the new company, which will distribute through Island Def Jam Records. The producer is already onboard there as president of Island Urban Records, the distributor of his other label, So So Def.

On paper the pairing may seem odd at first, but Dupri said that in the face of declining sales and technological advancements, this deal will provide him and the label with promotional support that's unprecedented in today's market.

"There's a lot going on in the world that makes it hard to do the old conventional record business," Dupri explained to "You can't get this type of marketing budget. There are endorsement deals, but not like this."

Artists, under the arrangement, will be supported by full-on campaigns that include television, print, radio, digital and event marketing. According to Dupri, he has already signed his first artist under the Tag banner, and a new single could premiere in as little as two weeks. But Dupri did not say who he signed.

He did, however, discuss his girlfriend, Janet Jackson. The swift-footed singer was ill recently, causing her to miss a scheduled appearance on "Saturday Night Live" and the initial push for her latest album, [article id="1581513"]Discipline[/article]. Dupri told the site that all is well with Miss Jackson.

"She's 100 percent better now," Dupri said. "She was really sick. She had bronchitis. She's in Japan right now. She's better and doing all the promotion that she didn't get to do because she was sick when the album launched."

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