What Lessons Was Kurt Cobain Passing On To Frances Bean? Find Out In This Vintage Clip

The band talks fatherhood -- among other things.

You always feel kind of like a psychic when you watch old interviews in which a now-iconic musician wonders if their luck will run out. Well, get ready to feel like Nostradamus. We've got a from-the-vault clip for you in which a fresh-faced Nirvana ruminate on just that.

"I just try to be humble because this is not gonna last forever, a few more years, take what you can get and be frugal, life goes on," bassist Krist Novoselic mused in a 1992 MTV interview conducted in Seattle -- post Bleach and Nevermind, pre-In Utero.

"Every crumb for himself," Kurt Cobain added -- holding a tiny, baby version of his daughter Frances Bean in his arms, before confessing that he's never had to change her diapers before (a nanny covered that). "I'm just teaching her how to cuss and flip people off," he said.

In a nearly 30-minute interview, the guys cover everything from playing the VMAs to their public personas to misconceptions about the drug use in Seattle. Oh! And they also talk about who they're going to vote for...

There's a lot in there to unpack, so I suggest you just sit back, relax and let Nirvana take you into the weekend.

HBO's tell-all documentary -- which is Frances Bean- and Courtney Love-approved -- "Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck," premieres on Monday, so you have a lot to catch up on before getting that intimate, amazing look at the man himself.

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