A Brief History Of Donald Trump Getting Distracted By Donald Trump

It’s hard to think during interviews when you could just stare at that hair instead

Donald Trump’s complete lack of interest in stories that do not pertain to himself, or to his former and future glories, is not a recent discovery. The past few weeks, however, have been a useful reminder of how far his self-fascination goes. During an interview with the Washington Post on Tuesday, for example, Trump got slightly distracted from talking about the campaign by the sight of his own face on TV.

This happens a lot. Those around him don’t seem quite as content to watch as the world watches Trump watch Trump, instead going “apoplectic” as the GOP nominee refuses to think about those he doesn’t see in the mirror. Why anyone could have been shocked by Trump’s (even worse) behavior lately — which isn’t a new development so much as what would happen if a fictional character never evolved and instead shed excess character growth like it was radiocarbon — remains unclear. Trump has always been most content when staring at himself while talking about himself, and he rarely misses an opportunity to interrupt an interview with Donald Trump by talking about Donald Trump. Let’s take a look:

1. Washington Post, August 2016

“TRUMP: [Trump watches himself on TV] Lot of energy. We got a lot of energy. She certainly doesn’t look presidential to me, Hillary. I don’t think you get to look less presidential actually than Hillary.”

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Cedar Falls, Iowa

2. New York Times Magazine, May 2016

“On Trump’s plane, the aides spoke when spoken to and otherwise kept to their labors on their laptops. Trump’s attention was on the large flat-screen TV on which various Fox News pundits were forecasting his probable victory in Indiana’s Republican primary the following day and the bleak implications for his opponent Ted Cruz. … When one commentator made reference to Trump’s recent ‘unforced errors,’ Trump said, ‘O.K., you can turn the sound down now.’”

3. New York Magazine, April 2016

“‘In fact, get up, Gabe, take a look there, see the picture on the wall — Variety. I mean, No. 1 show on television. You remember how amazing that was. That wasn’t a surprise to me, but everyone else in show business couldn’t believe it. “Wow, you got the No. 1 show on television!”’ In this conversation, The Apprentice was the subject that had him most animated.”

4. People, March 2016

“‘Look at that picture of me on Time,’ he says, gesturing to a huge stack of magazines bearing his image (along with the words ‘bully,’ ‘showman,’ ‘party crasher’ and ‘demagogue’).”

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Republican National Convention: Day Four

5. The New York Times, March 2016

“I will tell you my whole stance on NATO, David, has been — I just got back and I’m watching television and that’s all they’re talking about.”

6. Esquire, February 2016

“‘Here's The Wall Street Journal today, though. That was a great one.’ I didn’t see that. ‘You can take a quick look. Same day, I have two editorials. When did that ever happen?’”

7. Rolling Stone, September 2015

“He parks himself at the dining table in the center of the big plane’s cabin, turns on the massive flat-panel unit that is preset to Fox News and watches reports of the speech he’s just given, while wolfing down a takeout dinner.”

8. New York Times Magazine, September 2015

“Instead, Trump took his mountain of food and parked himself on a couch next to the big-­screen TV. He spent a good part of the three-hour flight staring up into the giant image of Donald J. Trump giving his speech. ... After an hour, as Trump continued to watch himself on TV, I tried to draw out some of the particulars of his big, great plans.”

9. BuzzFeed, February 2014

“‘I mean, you see it today,’ he continues. ‘It’s all over the place on television. The speech is all over. Every time I turn on the news I see myself on television. I mean, I’m not looking for it. You know, I’m watching CNN, I’m watching MSNBC, I’m watching Fox, and it’s all over the place. And it had a big impact.‘”

10. New York Magazine, March 1990

“As we talked, Trump kept returning to the topic of press coverage. ‘They have me linked to every woman in the United States,’ he said with a shake of his head and a smile.”

11. GQ, May 1984

“Which reminds him: ‘Did you see that article on me in the business section of the [New York] Sunday Times?’ (Had the visitor not seen it, he surely couldn’t have missed the Lucite-framed copy that rests on the windowsill in Trump’s office.) ‘That was the largest story the Times supposedly has ever done on the business page. It was big. Let's see … it was half a front page, and a whole back page and some more. It was crazy. They tell me it was the longest story ever done on a person as a profile. They did a larger story on IBM. That was literally the largest, but it couldn’t have been much longer. It was wild.’”