9 College Posters Every Basic Freshman Has

Don't worry, this is only the thousandth time I've seen that 'Animal House' poster.

May has arrived and chances are, if you've just received your college acceptance letter, you're totally on cloud nine -- and by cloud nine, of course, I mean Facebook-stalking the life out of everyone in the "Class of [whatever]" Facebook group.

your mom

While the Internet can offer you an untold number of pieces about how you should be preparing for college right now, I'm going to give you some advice that no one else is going to give you, and it involves dorm decor. As soon as mom and dad bounce, most freshmen spring to the nearest Target/Kmart/school bookstore looking for wall accessories. It's understandable. But if you're going to go crazy, at least don't be basic about your brand of crazy. (Also, yes, we may have reached the expiration date on "basic.")

Here are some posters you're guaranteed to see in basically every freshman dorm, ever. (Full disclosure: I had a poster of Lil Wayne and another of Jim Morrison on my walls in college, so I judge not -- only jest):

The Scarface


What it says: "I'm a gangster but watch me cry when I get my first C on a chem test."

The Starry Night

starry night

What it says: "I think I saw this in a book once. Or a tote bag? Whatever. I'm deep. I understand ~ art ~. Also, my mom bought this for me."

The Kiss

the kiss

What it says: "Not only does this highlight the breadth of my artistic knowledge, it really speaks to my delicate, romantic nature. Also, making out RULEZ."

Animal House

animal house

What it says: "LOL GET IT? COLLEGE!!!!"

Keep Calm And Carry On

keep calm

What it says: "This is LITERALLY my mantra. I am LITERALLY going to keep calm and carry on through midterms. And finals. And actually, this is my life now."

The Godfather


What it says: "I saw a gangster movie once. No, that's it. I have nothing else to say."

Literally Every Bob Marley Poster Ever Made

bob marley

What it says: "I'm like, Chilliest McChill Chill, resident of Planet Chilltopia, Living on Chill Street in Chilladelphia."

Literally Every Marilyn Monroe Poster Ever Made

marilyn monroe

What it says: "She's pretty and this was on sale at Target??? IDK DON'T JUDGE ME."

The La Dolce Vita

la dolce vita

What it says: "You like movies? Word ... I'm really into, like, films."

Now go forth, spritely youth! And go easy with friend-requesting everyone in the Facebook group -- you'll thank me later.

Did we miss any signature dorm-room posters? Share in the comments!

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