How Carol's Deadly 'Walking Dead' Twist Happened In The Comics

Lizzie didn't die in the 'Walking Dead' comics, but someone similar did -- and here's how.

Warning: Massive spoilers from this week's "Walking Dead," and even bigger spoilers from the "Walking Dead" comics, are ahead!

Did you see [article id="1724223"]Sunday's "Walking Dead"[/article] yet? If so, how are you holding up? That was fairly traumatic, wasn't it?

[article id="1724236"]Carol's decision to execute Lizzie[/article] after Lizzie's decision to execute her little sister stands out as the bleakest moment on an already very bleak show. And while it came as a major surprise to fans who only watch the TV series, it wasn't a total curveball for folks who have read the "Walking Dead" comic books penned by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard. A very similar event takes place in the comics, even if it plays out a bit differently. Here's how it shakes down, in case you're curious.

(And one last spoiler alert for good measure. If you don't read the comics but you plan to some day, we're about to spill some serious beans -- or deer nuts, as it were. Seriously, final chance!)

So, to start, it wasn't Carol who pulled the trigger.

She was busy.

Tyreese wasn't there, either.

He, too, was busy.

And Lizzie and Meeka don't exist in the comics.

Instead, there are two twin brothers named Ben and Billy.

Billy's a sweet kid, but Ben? He's got some "Lizzie" problems.

After that, it doesn't take long for Ben to go "full Lizzie" on his brother.

The group agrees that something must be done about Ben. But one person takes matters into his own hands.

Carl. It's always freaking Carl.

The group is distraught over Ben and Billy's deaths, just as Carol and Tyreese are currently grieving. Even Comics Carl shows remorse.

Had it been TV Carl who pulled the trigger, though? We all know what he'd say.

Freaking Carl.

Were you shocked by Carol's "Walking Dead" decision, or did you see it coming thanks to the comics?

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