Waka Flocka Flame Avoids 'Riots' On '50K' Video Set With T.I.

'I ain't wanna crash nobody's 'hood 'cause a lot of police don't like me,' Waka tells 'RapFix Live' of making a 'straight green-screen video.'

Waka Flocka Flame is currently securing the features for his [article id="1704634"]Flockaveli 2 album[/article], and on Wednesday, the Atlanta rapper paid a visit to "RapFix Live" to debut the new visuals for the T.I.-assisted "50K (Remix)."

Waka explained that since recording the original track, he's evolved as a rapper. "When I did '50K,' I tried the ultimate 'hood [song], but I graduated; I'm a grown man now," he said. "Now there's not no wildness. I've probably been rapping for three or four years now, so now it's really starting to become fluent, so a lot of people be in trouble who be tryna sleep on me on certain records."

Unlike previous video shoots, where things usually got a bit out of hand, Waka tried to keep it calm for this one. "I shot that in Atlanta and it was a straight green-screen video," he said. "I ain't wanna crash nobody's 'hood 'cause a lot of police don't like me for shutting people's neighborhoods down and starting riots. So I said this album I'ma lean up, man.

"It's just because of the crowd I bring, they can't control it," Waka added. "At my shows, you can't have 10 security guards -- you have to have 25."

Waka confirmed that Flockaveli 2 was complete, with the exception of a few guest verses, and it will definitely include some anthems for the ladies. "I gotta put like three extra girl records [on it] just because 70 percent of your crowd be girls," he said. "The guys that come, half of them are haters and the other half like your music, so you just gonna tend to who's out there."

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