Chris Brown/Drake Nightclub Brawl: More Victims Emerge

Brown slams media coverage of the incident, tweeting, 'TMZ, ya'll full of s---!'

The list of alleged victims in the aftermath of last week's [article id="1687369"]bottle-smashing brawl[/article]
 between members of Chris Brown and Drake's crews at a New York nightclub increased by two over the weekend as the police investigation into the scuffle got sidetracked into reports that a shot was fired inside club W.i.P. during the fight.

In addition to Brown, who posted a photo of his split chin, as well as the singer's bodyguard, who sustained a head injury, NBA star Tony Parker and Australian tourist Hollie C., two more people have come forward to say they were also injured in the melee. 21-year-old model Ingrid Gutierrez's lawyer, Sal Strazzullo, spoke to E! News about what happened to his client early Thursday morning as she chilled out at Brown's table.

"[Ingrid] was with Chris Brown and his entourage just having a good time...she was at his table...right next to him when this occurred," he said. "She was just having a good time, a 21-year-old out, a young lady at a nightclub in Manhattan and all of a sudden a bottle came from [the direction of] the Drake table." Strazzullo said his client has informed him that a note was passed from Drake to Brown "in regards to something with Rihanna," but that he could not reveal the details of that alleged note because he can't verify the authenticity of its contents.

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"Then ... Chris Brown was about to get up and leave with his entourage and that's when a bottle came from [the direction of] Drake's table to Chris Brown's table." The model reportedly suffered a blow to the head and is out of the hospital and resting after sustaining bruises, stitches and trauma to her face, with Strazzullo suggesting that "plastic surgery is probably likely."

Perhaps hinting that legal action could be on the horizon, he added, "basically like any model ... your looks are everything and with today's technology, with HD, a small scar, even though this one is not small, is going to be magnified to look really severe." The attorney also suggested that [article id="1687556"]surveillance tapes[/article]
 from the club -- which MTV News reported have been subpoenaed by the NYPD and are being reviewed -- would effectively answer who started the brawl, hinting that it was sparked by Drake's table.

Another victim, Lucy Pavlovsky, suffered a gash on her arm that reportedly required 12 stitches and her lawyer told TMZ that a lawsuit against the responsible parties, including the club, may be on the horizon. The SoHo nightclub was shut down by police on Saturday along with Greenhouse, which is located in the same building and jointly owned.

In addition, W.i.P.'s manager, Jonathan Cantor, was [article id="1687573"]arrested on unrelated charges[/article]
 tied to two outstanding warrants early Friday morning.

The NYPD is also investigating reports that gunshots may have been fired inside the club as the bottles were flying between the crews. The Associated Press reported that some witnesses said they heard gunshots during the early-morning fight, but no one has reported seeing a weapon.

To date, Brown and his attorney have given statements to police, but a spokesperson for Drake said the Canadian MC has no plans to submit to questioning. "Why would he turn himself in when he did not commit any wrongdoing?" rep Kelly Bush told the New York Post. Over the weekend, police denied reports that Drake was to be arrested during his show at Jones Beach on Saturday.

While Brown's attorney has been heavily hinting that Drake was involved in starting the melee and that his client was a victim, Brown expressed his own feelings of victimization on Twitter on Friday. In since-deleted posts, Brown lashed out at gossip site TMZ, writing "@tmz y'all full of s---!!! It's insane how your stories are not informative at all and far from f---ing facts!" Brown, who has a history of posting Twitter screeds and then quickly removing them, added, "It's really sad. All y'all in that office sit behind a desk and hide behind ur lives by trying to tarnish others! Good game!"

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