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Beyoncé And Channing Tatum Will 'Lip Sync Battle' Which Means World Peace At Last

Prepare yourselves accordingly.

UPDATE (10/28/15): While it was previously reported that Channing Tatum would throw down some "Lip Sync Battle" action with Beyoncé, we've learned that this is actually going to be a family affair with Chan and his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum matching lip wits, with Beyoncé coming in for the performance assist alongside Channing. Fun!

PREVIOUSLY: Beyoncé is such a good lip-syncer that people are hard-pressed to believe it's happened even when she admits she's been lip-syncing. Like her rip-out-the-ear-piece-I-got-this Presidential Inauguration performance in 2013. So, like with pretty much everything else on this spinning blue-green ball we call home, she's the queen of that too.

But a challenger has emerged, class, and with all the hip-thrusting this heartthrob has on tap, he might just be a contender for the crown.

Channing Tatum will go toe-to-toe with Bey on "Lip Sync Battle" next season, according to Entertainment Weekly, which means by 2016 the best thing ever will have happened and we can all go home at last.

While Chan's as-yet-untested on his lip sync game, we've got a few reasons to believe he might be better at this than people'll expect.

Because, for starters, he's already got the moves to do basically anything by Madonna.

Channing Tatum Vogue

Express yourself, Channing.

And he's not afraid to keep it silly here and there.

Channing Tatum 21 Jump Street

Yoncé is fierce, but when it comes to laughs Chan's got the edge.

Not to mention, um, there's his eagerness to please.

Channing Tatum

YOU know.

But, if we're being honest here, this is still Beyoncé he's up against, which means even if he brings his A-game to the bout he might as well go ahead and brace for the participation trophy on this one because Beyoncé.

No matter the outcome, though, this is gonna be a straight-up EVENT and we cannot freaking wait to savor every second of these two tearing it up on-screen.