Jay-Z Recalls Pharrell Being In A 'Zone' In Vintage Interview: Watch Now!

In a 2000 interview with MTV News, Hov shouts out his 'I Just Wanna Love U' collaborator, who's also working on 'Magna Carta.'

Jay-Z is out to rewrite the rules on Magna Carta Holy Grail, a task he seems well qualified for as he approaches the release of his 12th solo album. To celebrate the big moment, MTV News is digging in the crates to unearth old footage that documents Hov's eventful journey to the present.

Our first clip, from 2000, finds the Brooklyn rapper explaining how he and Pharrell linked up to create the hit "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me)," the lead single from The Dynasty: Roc La Familia.The moment is extra special considering that now, 13 years later, Pharrell is lending his musical expertise to the Roc Nation CEO's latest LP.

"I [had] 'Parking Lot' up and running. It's an incredible, hot song," Jay-Z says in the interview, explaining that he'd already chosen a lead single. "I was all ready to go with it but the next day I made this song and it was just the vibe. The vibe of everyone in the studio...the immediate reaction, people were singing it by the time the second hook came on."

"I knew right there, those type of songs I know -- I made a couple of 'em -- so I know what type of song this is right here," he said, of immediately knowing that he'd found a hit. "It's no stopping; I'm unstoppable right now with this song."

Jay's confidence and sense of humor shine through in the clip, as he predicts that he has a smash hit coming. But even more interesting is the fact that he shouts out Pharrell for having a "moment" -- a moment that has clearly carried on for over a decade.

"My man Sparks had this hook for a while and I was looking for a beat for it," Jay continued. "I was looking all over, calling a lot of producers telling them 'yo I got a hit, I'm telling you I got a hit, all I need is a track to match it,' and it took me a couple of weeks but I found the track...The Neptunes did it."

"[Pharrell's] got a song out now with Mystikal and I think it's the #1 rap and crossover song," he added. "So he's in a lil zone right now. Shout out to Pharrell. Good looking."

Stick with MTV News all week as we dig in the crates and serve up old footage of Jay-Z throughout the years, including interviews and behind-the-scenes specials. This will all culminate with the release of his 12th solo album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

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