Kit Harington Spoiled 'Game of Thrones' For Wife Rose Leslie, Got Silent Treatment

Proving no one likes spoilers, even when they ask for them

Never spoil Game of Thrones for your significant other, unless you want the silent treatment.

Happily married couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who you may know better as Jon Snow and Ygritte from HBO's popular fantasy series, obviously share an abundance of love for Game of Thrones. After sharing an on-screen romance, they brought their love story to the real world with a gorgeous ceremony.

Aside from being a veritable "It" couple, their relationship is just like everyone else's. So it's no surprise that, like many other couples, the two had a bit of a tiff based on spoilers for their favorite TV show.

Harington, during a recent appearance on the UK radio station Kiss FM, revealed that his wife asked her darling hubby how Game of Thrones was meant to end. He decided to let her in on the enormous secret, and it looks like she got more than a little mad. The actress gave him the silent treatment, not speaking to him for the new few days! Sounds like a bit of her old Free Folk attitude shining through.

Harington spoke to Entertainment Weekly, incredulous about her reaction:

"I told my wife last year how it ended, and she wouldn’t talk to me for about three days... and she’d asked!"

Good ol' Jon Snow — it looks like he still knows nothing... about whether you actually go ahead and spoil the series your significant other starred in alongside you or not.

Meanwhile, the rest of us still have plenty of time left to wait until we can finally see the series' long-awaited conclusion. Hardcore fans were in for quite a bit of a letdown during Super Bowl LIII over the weekend, when what appeared to be a new bit of footage for the final season of Game of Thrones actually turned out to be a bizarre mash-up between the fantasy series and Bud Light.

The Super Bowl ad, which looked like a promising bit of additional footage for hungry fans to dissect, featured high production values but was utterly devoid of redeeming value for most fans. The response was, well, divisive to say the least.

For now, we've got the first official teaser by way of HBO to pore over a million times until we get the real thing. Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres April 14. Do you think you have how it's going to end all figured out?