Josh Peck And Luke Hemmings's Face Swaps Deserve To Be In The Smithsonian

All other face swappers, step way down

Celebs are no stranger to Snapchat's face-swap function. Whether it's Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens swapping their gorgeous faces or Zayn swapping with his own merch, face swapping is never not hilarious (and freaky AF).

But anyone who's ever done a face swap needs to just sit down, because Josh Peck and 5 Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings just won the whole internet.

Hemmings started it off, reciting one of Peck's famous lines from Drake & Josh.

Naturally, Peck wasn't gonna take that lying down, so he "sang" lyrics to 5SOS's song "She's Kinda Hot."

Peck and Hemmings definitely have a Twitter bromance. In 2014, the 5SOS singer shared a selfie of the two of them cheesin' really hard.

Fast-forward to earlier this year and suddenly they were BFFs — and Twitter's never been the same again.

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