17 Albums We Desperately Need In 2015

Yes, we're talking to you, Kanye, Lorde, Miley, Rihanna, Frank Ocean and Adele.

Have we been the best little boys and girls this year? Eh. We've been a'ight. But that doesn't mean we don't deserve to get some killer gifts as we head into the new year. In fact, we feel like we're entitled to some special musical gifts, so we're demanding that the following 19 things happen in 2015.

Fine. Maybe demanding is too harsh. We're hoping, wishing, maybe even praying that the following singers get it together and give us the greatest gift of all next year: new albums.

That Yeezus Follow-Up We've Been Waiting For

Okay, so we're not one of those 20 people in Paris who heard that new Kanye West music (or Seth Rogen), but we checked out that unfinished version of "All Day" in August, and we can't wait for the real thing.

We Need Another Fix Of Heroine

Lorde may have just turned 18, but that doesn't mean we're gonna let her off the hook. The "Mockingjay" soundtrack was great, but we want that new music you've been working on, and we want it soon!

It's Been A Year, Rihanna, So...

Rih typically loads us up once a year, but 2014 was a rare 365 off. In the meantime, we know she's been in the lab with DJ Mustard, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Eminem and Big Sean, and she was just in Paris shooting what may be her next video.

Stop Talking About It, Justin

Justin Bieber's been teasing us about being in the studio all year, but all we've heard so far is his collabo with Cody Simpson on "Home To Mama." Not enough, bro. Not enough.

19... 21... 26? Throw Us A Bone, Adele

We get it Adele. Being a new mom is lots of work. But, you know, we kind of thought the whole 25 thing meant we were gonna have a new album this year. So, 2015 has to be it, right?

Bring On The Hate, Brit

For her ninth album, Britney Spears has promised to bring on a slew of "I hate men" songs. She's also dropped hints that she'd like to collabo with Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea. You had us at "ninth album."

Okay Madge, You Have Our Attention

We know Madonna has been spending tons of time in the studio with everyone from Diplo to Disclosure, Avicii, Natalia Kills and Nicki Minaj. So, cough it up already.

The View Would Be Nicer In Our iTunes

Sure, Drake won 2014 without even releasing an album. But now that we've got a taste of his verses on OB O'Brien's "Schemin Up," we want that View From the 6.

Three Years Is Too Long, Ellie

We're not saying you're slacking, Ellie Goulding, but it's been almost three years since you released Halcyon. You said you'd bring it, so bring it.

We'll Take Tha Carter V Anytime

Who knows what's really going on with Lil Wayne and Cash Money? At this point we're over the drama, we just want the album, so figure it out, fellas.

Miley, Time To Grow Those Bangz Out

She blew our minds in the studio and on the tour, but, c'mon Miley Cyrus, aside from those Flaming Lips excursions, it's coming up on 13 months since Miley released Bangerz. We want the new ish. And we're not talking about cat songs.

Cough It Up, Haim

Now that they're besties with Taylor and Beyoncé, the sisters of Haim have truly hit the A-list. And while they're still spinning out great, star-studded videos from their debut and guesting on mixtapes, it's time, ladies. It's time.

Frank, Get Out Of The Lab And Into Our Brains Already



There have been precious few updates from sessions for Frank Ocean's sophomore album. In fact, at this point all we know is that he's been digging the Beatles, Beach Boys and Stevie Wonder, and he dyed his hair blue.

The Thrift Shop Is Calling, Boys

No pressure, but Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, you need to get us some fresh tracks in 2015. They've promised to go "back to basics" but still give us some Mack and Lewis vibe the Shark Gang loves.

We're Not m.A.A.d, Just Anxious

Kendrick Lamar has already proven he's the voice of a generation. Now he just needs to give us that "incredible" second album. Stat.

We Really DO Care, Demi

Rejoice, Lovatics! Demi is definitely planning to release an album in 2015. Anything else you wanna tell us, Demi?

Paramore, We Need More

We can't wait another four years for album number five. So we'll just assume you've been writing new music while putting all that time in on the road, (cough) Grammy nominees Paramore. Cough it up.