Cave Story+ Coming to 3DS

By Jeffrey Matulef

If you want to play the wonderful indie platformer Cave Story on a 3DS, you have but one of two options; play the original game ported from DSiWare, or purchase the new retail remake, Cave Story 3D. Both are exceptional versions of the game, yet neither satiate purists who wish to play Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya's classic in its original splendor. The fancy 3D version of the game has entirely new (albeit gorgeous) art, while the DSiWare version isn't native to the platform, causing the image to stretch and appear hazy. That will all change, when Cave Story+ is released specifically for the 3DS' eShop.

Tyrone Rodriguez, CEO of Nicalis, the publisher and developer of the upcoming 3DS Cave Story+ port, explained the consequence of playing the DSiWare version on a 3DS, "Instead of being 16x16 pixels, the main character becomes 20x20 and the entire game is a bit blurry. Daisuke made some beautiful pixel art and I want to play it the right way."

Beyond simply looking better than the DSiWare version, Cave Story+ will have new features as well, including: widescreen support (the image will not be stretched, but rather more will be visible on screen), new button layout options, touchscreen support for the menus, 3D visuals (as in the sprites will appear in 3D. The graphics will remain true to the original), and the new content from Cave Story+ on Steam, which includes an all new level not present in the Wiiware version.

It's not all good news, however. Rodriguez clarified that they "can't do the Steam version's art or music, the former because of resolution, the latter because the file size would get massive."

Worse, Cave Story+ will not be available as an update to the DSiWare version.  Rodriguez explained, "I fought really hard to try to get it to be just a 'simple' update; I feel that Nintendo wanted the same thing too, but the logistics behind it are pretty huge."

He added, "The good thing is that if you already bought the DSiWare version on your 3DS and ever delete it, you'll still be able to download it. The update won't stop you from playing the prior version of the game."

Cave Story+ is due on 3DS in "a month or so."

[Source: Destructoid via Eurogamer]

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