Watch Fall Out Boy And Wiz Khalifa Take A Late-Night Boys Of Zummer Victory Lap

The guys rekindled their unexpected musical bromance for 'Stayin' Out All Night.'

Remember that time Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy shocked the hell out of everyone by going on tour together?

OK, yes, that was only a matter of weeks ago, but we’re still not quite over the sheer, unexpected amazingness of the Boys of Zummer Tour. Way back before it started, the guys told MTV News to expect the unexpected, and they definitely delivered on that promise.

Even though the tour wrapped up last month, Wiz and FOB embarked on a Boys of Zummer victory lap of sorts by bringing their fiery fusion to “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Tuesday night (Sep. 9). Together, they rocked out with a hyped-up live remix of Wiz’s “Stayin’ Out All Night,” reminding us why they’re such a perfect pairing.

FOB bassist Pete Wentz — who recently revealed the band’s surprising dream collaborators — also shared a selfie with Wiz on Tuesday to commemorate the MC’s 28th birthday.

Long live this musical bromance!