The Blonds Show Classic Hollywood Horror For Fall 2013

Here's what you can expect with The Blonds: A) that the show will ALWAYS be LATE. B) that it won't matter a WHIT because the comings and goings of the SPECTACULARLY glamorous audience will be ceaselessly captivating. And finally, C) that the over-the-top offerings of tow-haired twosome Phillipe and David will rigorously follow a theme. Debbie Harry was there. So was Patrick MacDonald. Less expected was Trina. She was lovely.

The Blonds At New York Fashion Week Fall 2013.

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It seems that The Blonds were in an Old Hollywood mood. Not in the cascading curls, soft lighting, bias-cut charmeuse evening gowns sort of way, mind you. More slasher-flick villains by way of Hitchcock and Kubrick. A printed polyurethane corset and skirt featured Jack's grinning mug peering through the splintered door from The Shining. Just as Janet Leigh's screaming visage was step-and-repeated for the torso of another look. There were teeny, glinting, acrylic knives dangling as jewelry and printed onto a kicky '50s housewife dress as well as skintight, flesh colored bustier gowns anointed with angry red slashes throughout. Definitely expect a follow-up post on the nail art because they were as outrageous and gore-adoring as the rest of it.

The Blonds at New York Fashion Week Fall 2013.

Photo: Getty

This fixation on the macabre explored a number of textures and treatments. There were black, raven-inspired plumes on corsets but it was the stark, white, bondage-belt dress and the surprisingly wearable, cap-sleeved mini frock comprised of thick, windy manila rope that I found most winsome. A full-length, faux chinchilla JUMP SUIT with a cinched waist was also a wholly refreshing new look for the bustier-adoring Blonds but it was, as ever, Phillipe who absolutely stole the show. Sauntering down the runway covered in a floor-skimming sable, she stopped--dramatically disrobed--to reveal her reliably ravishing frame DRIPPING in enormous BLOOD-RED gems. High drama for DAYS.

Phillipe and David of The Blonds at New York Fashion Week 2013.

Photo: Getty

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