'Batman Eternal #24' Offers Up A Spoiler-Filled Issue

Writer Ray Fawkes breaks down the latest Spoiler filled issue of "Batman Eternal."

Each week, MTV News is breaking down the big moments in DC Comics' "Batman Eternal," the weekly series that is redefining Gotham City as we know it.

This week, we chatted with writer Ray Fawkes about fan favorite character Spoiler finally getting her moment to shine - and why that may not be good news for Batman:

MTV News: This is really the first full issue of Spoiler as Spoiler, so what’s your idea for her superhero character? Who is she, or who is she becoming?

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Ray Fawkes: Steph’s a smart, tough, thrill-seeker with a solid sense of right and wrong that gets her into trouble with her Supervillain father. She started out as the girl who knew too much, and is rapidly becoming The Girl who Wrecks the Plan. She might not have the muscle or the arsenal of most of Batman’s allies, but she’s got a few unique tricks up her sleeve.

She’s also much more of an independent operator than most of the Gotham crew - one of the formative experiences of her life was witnessing a nightmarish attack on her father by the Batman (as seen in "Batman Eternal #11"), and she’s never forgotten it. She knows who the good guys are, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t also a little wary of them...

MTV: Let’s talk about the man in the shadows… I’m guessing that’s Hush, but assume he’s shadowed because Stephanie doesn’t know about him yet? Or is that someone else?

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Fawkes: Stephanie has never seen or heard of Hush, so she doesn’t know who he is. This encounter is meant to remind Steph of the Batman attack I mention above, so we didn’t want Hush out in plain sight for it. He’s gotta be scary and shadowy… but this time Steph is older, and able to fight the fear.

MTV: Cluemaster lays out a big chunk of the plan right now… Why is it important to get Gotham angry and destroy the infrastructure? Or is that something we’ll have to wait and see about?

Fawkes: Wait and see. Whatever’s coming for the city, it’s going to be ten times as effective if the whole place is a pressure cooker and the people are out of control. This isn’t about beating up Batman. This is about erasing him and everything he’s worked to defend.

MTV: Batman seems to become aware that something is wrong in Arkham – is he about to head there next issue?

Fawkes: Soon. You’ll see. I sure hope he gets there before anything really terrible happens. Don’t you?

MTV: And there’s that great page with the painting in the background. Is there something in there? Or is it really just a Rorschach, letting you see what you want to see?

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Fawkes: That’s a good question.

MTV: Fawkes!!! Okay, the non-Gotham cops seem to be very well aware that something is off in Gotham… Why aren’t they doing anything about it, or alerting anyone?

Fawkes: I’m sure Gotham has had a terrible reputation among state and federal law enforcement agencies for a long time. But seriously - what are State police going to do about it? Get involved? They’ve got other places to protect - and they have a name for the urge to clean up Gotham : “death wish”.

MTV: What’s next for Stephanie, and Cluemaster?

Fawkes: Stephanie’s starting her career as The Spoiler in earnest - she’s off to throw some serious wrenches into the bad guys’ plans now - and, as readers of "Batman #28" already know, she’s on a collision course with Catwoman and Batman.

Cluemaster? He’s sitting in a cell somewhere, humiliated, fuming about what just happened. And, one assumes, working on an escape plan. You know, before the twenty-four hours Hush gave him runs out…

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