Britney Spears Vs. The Paparazzi: Best Music-Video Moments

Brit's 'I Wanna Go' video is hardly the first time she's taken aim at the prying tabloid media.

[artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] is taking a stand against the paparazzi in the music video for her new single [article id="1666012"]"I Wanna Go,"[/article] which premiered online Wednesday morning (June 22). In the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed clip she slings a microphone their way, knocking them off their perch. But it's hardly the first time Spears has taken a tongue-in-cheek approach to making a statement about the tabloid media.

In fact, since early on in her career, Spears has examined her love-hate affair with the prying lens of the paparazzi. After bursting on the pop scene in the late 1990s with a naughty girl-next-door image that made her a star, Spears learned that fame would come with lots of attention from the press. And, as in "I Wanna Go," she has made it a point to play with that relationship in her videos. Here, we look back on a few of our favorites.

[video id="10072"]"Lucky"[/video]

Britney first gave fans some insight into her celebrity life in this video, dating back to 2000 and released on her second smash album, Oops! ... I Did It Again. In the candy-colored, Dave Meyers-directed video, Spears plays a melancholy movie star who wants nothing more than to have a little fun.

[video id="15234"]"Overprotected"[/video]

A year after the "Lucky" video, Spears busted loose in this video from her Britney album. After breaking free from her hotel room, which is being watched by then real-life bodyguard Big Rob (that's right, the Jonas Brothers' Big Rob), she dances in the rain and her hotel lobby and then throws one big party for her girls in a large limo.

[video id="37711"]"Everytime"[/video]

She shows the darker side of fame in the video for [article id="1655197"]"Everytime."[/article] By the time 2004 rolled around, Spears was not only In the Zone, she was frequently in the gossip pages. Her personal life was gossip fodder and in the clip, Spears plays a pop star whose public fight with her beau (played by Stephen Dorff) gets the paparazzi worked up, leading to an injury that may or may not bring about her untimely end.

[video id="195543"]"Piece of Me"[/video]

Spears had more fun in 2007 on the Blackout [article id="1626910"]single "Piece of Me."[/article] Released during a transitional time in both her personal and professional life, Spears poked fun at herself, dancing around a nightclub's bathroom as magazine headlines about the pop star flash across the screen.

[video id="354290"]"If U Seek Amy"[/video]

The video for this 2009 single played up the song's controversial title (say it slowly, really slowly) using faux news briefs. Released on her Circus album, the clip for "If U Seek Amy" played up Spears' many sides: from good-natured mom to sexy party girl.

[video id="624145"]"Hold It Against Me"[/video]

This was Britney doing the thinking man's take on the media. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, [article id="1658275"]"Hold It Against Me"[/article] tells the story of a super-creature from space that uses song and dance to win the hearts of earthlings. Eventually, the public scrutiny becomes too much for Spears' creature and she breaks down, only to rise again like a pop-music phoenix. Sound familiar?

What's your favorite paparazzi-themed Britney video? Tell us in the comments!

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