Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, And More Team Up For Lil Dicky's Climate Change PSA

Kevin Hart and Leonardo DiCaprio also appear in this call to action for caring for our planet

Earth Day is on April 22. Rapper Lil Dicky has released a gigantic, behemoth of a music video for "Earth," a bitingly funny pop single that prepares the world for the forthcoming holiday and plants the seeds of climate-change action. It features dozens of the most notable artists in pop culture playing  CGI-generated animals. While it's adorable and beautifully rendered, there's an important message to take away: Take care of the Earth. If you're not, start today. It's that simple.

In the opening seconds of the video, a fan blows hopelessly in a steaming store as a news report informs Californians about rapidly rising temperatures and the dangers of wildfires. Outside, cars blow obnoxiously large clouds of toxic black smoke and Lil Dicky gets into a confrontation with some kids about cleaning up some trash. He walks off with most of them, leaving a child to clean up who finds an odd-looking book in the heap, dark green with a picture of the Earth on the front of it. Curious, the child opens it and it whisks him away to a magical CGI rendition of the planet. That's when things get weirder.

In this world, Lil Dicky rides giant birds through vast green landscapes. The animals here have human voices from some of the music industry's biggest names. Justin Bieber appears as a baboon with a large butt, followed by Ariana Grande, the zebra with a styled tuft of hair sitting on top of her smiling eyes. "Nobody knows what I do, but I look pretty cool?" she sings.

From there, the celebrity animals come fast and swift. Halsey's a lion cub feasting on the remains of Grande's zebra (grotesque, I know). Hailee Steinfeld is a mushroom. Wiz Khalifa is a skunk that can "shoot you out my butthole," and Snoop Dogg, his real-life friend, is a marijuana plant. Kevin Hart then comes out of nowhere and reveals that he is Kanye West. It's a laugh and a half. Adam Levine is a vulture, Charlie Puth is a giraffe, Sia, is a kangaroo — the list goes on throughout the lengthy record. You'll want to tune in for yourself and get the full breakdown of the surprising, often hilarious, animal choices.

But while the video is an endearing CGI fest that brings about brilliant imagery kids will undoubtedly love, there's a serious message to be portrayed. If we love the Earth, why don't we save it? Dicky lets us know that we're attacking the planet as much as ourselves with pollution and that we're the people that can save it. "I know we're not all the same / But we're living on the same Earth," he says. He calls the people who don't believe in global warming unintelligent. When asked by Bieber if the human race will die, Lil Dicky says simply, "We might." Grande adds in, "Unless we get our shit together now." and it's the call to action that you need.

Watch Lil Dicky's "Earth" video up above.

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