Haim Are Heartbroken But Determined On New Song ‘Want You Back’

It’s funky and full of regret

Last week, Haim made their grand return with a live video for the slow-burning new song “Right Now.” As it turns out, that was just the appetizer — the main course has now been served.

On Wednesday (May 3), the L.A. trio released “Want You Back,” the first proper single from their upcoming second album. The shimmering track (with slap bass!) finds Haim attempting to fix a shattered relationship. “I’ll take the fall and the fault in us / I’ll give you all the love I never gave before I left you / Just know that I want you back,” Danielle sings, before the three sisters beautifully join vocal forces in the final minute.

Haim’s long-awaited new album, Something to Tell You, arrives July 7. Before then, the trio will perform on Saturday Night Live May 13, so expect to see and hear a live version of “Want You Back” very, very soon.