What Does Theo Want With The 'Teen Wolf' Hellhound?

The evil chimera pack leader has his sights set on the fiery deputy... but WHY?

It's official: Theo's up to no good... and then some.

While Sheriff Stilinski lay in the grips of death during tonight's "Teen Wolf" winter premiere, Theo was on a hellhound hunt with his resurrected pack of chimeras in tow.

Let us recap: While trying to get some intel on his ol' man's deteriorating condition, Stiles got Theo to open up about what's really going down with those evil MDs: "I know what's coming," Theo said. "I know what the Dread Doctors created. And I know what Parrish is." Bravo, Theo! We know what Parrish is too.

The master manipulator went on to explain that he put it all together when he clawed his way through Lydia's brain, figuratively speaking. According to the chimera-slash-psychopath, things are going to get a lot worse around Beacon Hills -- whatever that means? -- now that Parrish's hellish alter ego has come out to play. We do know one thing: We don't trust Theo as far as we can dropkick him... remember this?

Naturally, Theo then went after Lydia — because Lyd holds the key to Parrish, considering he fantasizes about her on the reg (that steamy shower scene?!) — but not without some resistance from Dr. Valack. "You don't want to do this, Theo," said Valack. "She's safe in here. The Dread Doctors don't know how important she is yet." Why always so vague, Valack? And we're not so sure how safe our beloved banshee is, considering she has a bloody hole drilled into her skull. Retorted Theo, "I don't want a banshee. I'm looking for a hellhound." At which point, the fiery deputy appeared. Perfect timing, Parrish!

So many questions. Was Parrish coming to save Lydia? Why is Theo so obsessed with the harbinger of death? You know the drill — comment with your theories! Because we're really, really confused. And be sure to keep watching "Teen Wolf" every Tuesday at 9/8c!

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