Nipsey Hussle Welcomes Fatburger To Crenshaw With Custom Uniforms

L.A. native puts his hip-hop touch on the 'iconic' restaurant.

Nipsey Hussle takes a lot of pride in his L.A. neighborhood. So, when the popular fast food franchise Fatburger opened a new store in Crenshaw on Monday (February 24), Nipsey welcomed all the employees with open arms and a one-of-a-kind uniform.

"Fatburger being an iconic brand in L.A., our core values aligned. We had an idea to co-brand the Crenshaw collection from the Marathon Clothing with the Fatburger logo," Hussle told MTV News in an exclusive interview Monday at the grand opening of the restaurant on Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue.

Hussle's Marathon Clothing is a rising hip-hop apparel brand and his recent Crenshaw collection has become synonymous with the independent rap star. Nipsey recently opened his own Slauson Ave Clothing store, and just a block away stands the new Fatburger, where each employee wears the special tee that Hussle created.

The black shirt features the classic Fatburger logo on the left chest, with Nipsey's Crenshaw logo directly under it. A bigger version of the logo appears on the back, while Hussle's Marathon flag appears on the left sleeve.

"The Fatburger logo, it's like the Hollywood sign or it's like something you come to L.A. and you think Los Angeles. We didn't want to get in the way of that," Nipsey said. "We just wanted to represent our area and also the Crenshaw collection."

Fatburger couldn't be happier about the new threads.

"It's usually in the movies when a new neighbor moves in, you bring them a gift welcoming them to the neighborhood. Nipsey offered his time and creativity to collaborating with us for a special Crenshaw Fatburger uniform shirt," said Fatburger project coordinator Mark Webster Jr. in a statement issued to MTV News. "He's a staple and pillar in this community, and the Crenshaw Fatburger family is thrilled to have him be a part of this."

The unprecedented move comes just months after Nipsey released his Crenshaw CD and sold each copy for $100. This latest business and branding move continues to position as not only a formidable MC, but a creative business mind as well.

"I think that we gave them a great design. Everybody inside is wearing it and it just looks dope," he said. "It gives them a little bit of a cool factor."

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