Taylor Swift Reveals Her Hair Is A 'Big Theme' For New Album

Last week, British Vogue unveiled their November issue starring Taylor Swift. We immediately noticed something was ~different~—but what was it? And then it hit us: Her forehead was visible for the first time in a long, long while. Well, it turns out the forehead-baring was an intentional move on photographer Mario Testino and Tay's part—in fact, the pair worked together on Taylor's first Vogue cover, and it was at that shoot that she decided to cut her Red-era bangs.

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Taylor Swift

In a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, Taylor and Mario discuss her hair and how her bangs "completely ended up changing the way that [she] looked for the next two years." While the initial plan was just to have fake bangs under the hat, Taylor decided to cut them in the heat of the moment.

The duo go on to discuss the overall aesthetic she's toying with for 1989, which, fittingly, mixes "'80s and '90s styles" with classics. Taylor also casually mentions to Testino that her short hair is "a big theme in the album," which, um, what?

Sure, that's probably not quite what she meant to say, but I still want to know: Are there mentions to hair flipping made easier, or, like, entire songs dedicated to how styling short hair is different than long hair? Or, maybe, the references are more subtle with the words "chopped" or "flowing" thrown into the lyrics of every song? OROROR maybe Taylor is channeling Pink Floyd and the audio from her giant haircut event plays in reverse below the entire album as subliminal messaging????? We'll find out soon enough, I guess, since 1989 comes out in less than a month.

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You can watch the full thing below and pick up her British Vogue issue now, which hit newsstands today.

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