We Asked 'Solo' Director Ron Howard To Break Down 'Star Wars' Fan Theories

Is Han Solo Force-sensitive?

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Ron Howard has been a Star Wars fan since A New Hope first hit cinemas on May 25, 1977, when the young actor bought a ticket to see his friend George Lucas's ambitious space opera. Four decades later and Howard is now at the helm of his own Star Wars adventure, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

With Solo speeding into theaters this Friday, May 25, MTV News asked Howard to weigh in on the internet's most popular Star Wars and Han Solo theories, and it turns out that he even has a few fan theories of his own. Is Han Solo Force-sensitive, or does the Force have a connection to the scrappy-looking smuggler? And is Chewbacca secretly a Rebel agent in A New Hope? Here's what Howard had to say about the mysteries surrounding a galaxy far, far away: