The Unforgettable 'Hills' Ballad Starring Audrina And Justin Bobby

We're taking a trip down memory lane (topless dip included)

During Season 3 of The Hills, Audrina met up with Justin, a young man she had become acquainted with several years back (but at the time of their first meeting, both were unable to capitalize on their mutual attraction). Their first official date unfolded on this very network on August 13, 2007 -- and the rest is unwritten history.

He became known as Justin Bobby -- "All my friends call me Bobby, you can call me whatever the hell you want," he stated in that inaugural installment -- and the two forged their place as one of the most unique couples to grace MTV. From him wearing combat boots to the beach to her telling everyone repeatedly she was "done" with him (after giving him one too many stare downs), they treated viewers to a true roller-coaster relationship until the iconic series took its then-final bow back in 2010.

Now, Audrina and JB will return for the upcoming reboot The Hills: New Beginnings, and viewers will soon see them taking countless motorcycle rides back in action. But before they reappear (stay with MTV News for any and all Hills updates), here are some highlights from their epic and palpable connection:

Reconnecting with a former fling

The two caught up over a steak at Cobras & Matadors, and he adorably wiped her lip. Those sparks were most definitely present. And a special mention for his cap.

"Truth in time tells all"

JB provided so many pearls of wisdom during his Hills scenes, but this one stands out among the rest.

Throwing in the towel

Audrina was less than pleased when she saw Justin kissing another girl, so she let him have it -- in a parking lot.

An unexpected visit and a big question

Justin surprised Audrina at her office (motorcycle included), and the two did what they always did best: talked in circles about their relationship status.

Living under the same roof

When your quasi girlfriend tells you she doesn't want to live alone in her new pad, that's a massive hint that she wants you to move in. But JB wouldn't give in, much to Audrina's obvious disappointment.

Going for a (topless) dip

A slightly tipsy Audrina urged Justin to join her in the water for a late-night swim, and he obliged. They then kissed in the pool and shared some adorable giggles.

Some much-needed closure

After so many years of going back and forth and other love interests interfering along the way, the two got some much needed closure, and she told him that she "wished him the best."

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