'New Year's Eve' Stars Offer More Holiday Movie Ideas

Following 'Valentine's Day' and 'New Year's,' Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel come up with some new ideas.

With the release of this year's most star-studded romantic comedy, "New Year's Eve," just a day away, it's time to consider what holiday director Garry Marshall might tackle next in order to add to his holiday-themed ensemble canon, which also includes last year's hit "Valentine's Day."

When MTV News caught up with a few of the stars of "New Year's Eve," we asked them to put their thinking caps on to select a worthy and appropriate holiday to write around. The task proved slightly difficult, in that not all holidays are universally celebrated and accepted.

"I was actually thinking about that yesterday," Katherine Heigl said. "It has to be universal so it can sell domestically and internationally. But what are other holidays that the whole world celebrates? Thanksgiving is out, Christmas, I guess he could do Christmas, but now that he's done New Year's Eve, can you do it in reverse? I don't know. Well, I know Columbus Day is out, President's Day is out, Memorial Day? Doesn't everyone celebrate that?"

Like Heigl, Josh Duhamel seemed to have already put thought into the question as well.

"St. Patrick's Day, yes. It's about a crazy little leprechaun in Ireland," he said. "Does everyone celebrate St. Patrick's Day? You got to pick a holiday that everybody celebrates. We couldn't do Columbus Day; even Canadians don't celebrate that."

"Veterans Day," offered Jake T. Austin. "I think the next film I got offered was Christmas Eve," he joked. "Let's do it, I'm ready!"

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