'Bill And Ted 3' Will Have Some More Familiar Faces -- If It Ever Happens

*air guitar*

For the past few years, pretty much every interview with Keanu Reeves has come with a question about the ever-changing status of "Bill & Ted 3." In that time, the proposed sequel has come from not happening to happening and back again.

When MTV most recently spoke to Reeves for his new action movie "John Wick," the actor's "BT3 Meter" was still pointing to "not happening."

"It's closer to happening, but not happening," he said. "We're fighting the good fight."

At this point, we know there's a story in place if a third "Bill and Ted" ever were to happen, and Reeves did offer up this tease for fans who are eager for an update on the lives of Ted "Theodore" Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esq.

The princesses will return.

"We're married. The marriage is falling apart," Reeves said. "Bill and Ted, they're busy. They're trying to write the song that saves the world."

As for that other potential Reeves sequel you may have heard about: it doesn't sound like "Speed 3" is happening.

"That sounds like it was made out of inter-air," Reeves said.