Steve Aoki & Monsta X Bless Us With English Version of 'Play It Cool'

We're trying so hard to play it cool

It's no secret that Steve Aoki is a big-time K-pop fan. Aren't we all these days?

Fresh from his collaboration with BTS, Aoki dropped his latest joint track with South Korean group Monsta X. And folks, let us tell you — it's still a banger, whether it's in English or Korean.

“It was such an honor to work with Steve Aoki," said Monsta X in a statement. "He is truly an amazing artist and producer. We love how ‘Play It Cool’ turned out at the end so much that we included it in our recent album Take.2 We Are Here.” The album just debuted in February, with lead single "Alligator." The follow-up to Monsta X's 2018 album Take.1 Are You There? features 10 tracks, including their collab with Aoki.

"After the great success of the Korean version, we can’t wait to see the responses to the English version from all over the world. This collab is a gift from us to our ‘monbebe' for always taking care of us and keeping it cool. Thank you," continued Monsta X in a joint statement. Aoki expressed his excitement for working with the band as well.

“Monsta X is one of those powerhouse groups that sets the bar very high,” said Aoki of his especially hunky collaborators. “Their voices stay with you long after the song is over, and on this track they sang so profoundly that all we had to do was focus on the story we were telling. I really believe in today’s world that we have redefined what love and relationships look like, so I think that this song is one that many people can relate to.”

The track's sleek electro-pop is the type of "high fashion" music you'd expect to hear while sipping an expensive latte in a ultra-hip cafe, or a bop you'd want played while voguing during your own photoshoot. Its chorus is instantly memorable, with a dance-break beat connecting the verses that'll make you want to jump off the sofa for an impromptu dance part. And now with its English lyrics, you honestly have no excuse not to learn the words, even if you just hummed along to the excellent original.

Monsta X is comprised of Wonho, I.M., Minhyuk, Shownu, Jooheon, Kihyun, and Hyungwon — a.k.a your new crushes. They had a fantastic year in 2018, with the EP The Connect: Dejavu hitting No. 2 on Billboard's World Albums Chart, and concluded a successful U.S. tour. Rounding out their accomplishments is the fact that they previously made history as the first K-pop group to headline iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball.

If this English track is your first brush with the band, make sure you dive into their discography ASAP. We'll be over here moving it just like Monsta X likes it right into the weekend.

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