These Clips Suggest Kanye West And Big Sean May Be Prepping 'Cruel Winter'

'Pray for me, I'm about to hit the 'Ye button'

Rumors about a sequel to Cruel Summer, the first G.O.O.D. Music compilation, have been circulating since about 60 seconds after it dropped in 2012. But now, four years later, it looks like a legit follow-up may be on the way after all.

On Tuesday night, new Kanye West material emerged through a series of Snapchat videos from a studio session with Big Sean. In one clip, Kanye and Sean jump around while listening to a track that features ‘Ye rapping, “And they still ain’t ready yet for a motherfucker/ Yeezy might have to go and put his Louis on.”

In another clip, Sean holds the phone while Kanye’s heard rapping, “Pray for me, I’m about to hit the Ye button/ I don’t wanna say nothing wrong.”

That clip also features a hook that sounds like Travis Scott, which would only be appropriate, considering Scott’s been getting our Cruel Winter hopes up for years. Back in 2013, he told MTV News about the long-rumored project, “[Kanye] might just drop that shit out of nowhere, man... Until I hear ‘Ye be like, ‘It’s not coming out,’ then that’s when I can say it’s not coming out.”

Of course, there’s no guarantee that this new material isn’t from Sean’s Dark Paradise follow-up or from Kanye’s TLOP follow-up, tentatively titled Turbo Grafx 6. But ‘Ye’s longtime collaborator Fonzworth Bentley might’ve laid down the most promising proof yet, when he posted a photo from the studio session Tuesday night, captioned “Cruel Winter.”

Dropping Cruel Winter in the dead of summer ’16? Man, that’d be SO Kanye.