Taylor Swift Wears 'No Its Becky' Shirt, Internet Officially Done

Swifties can't even catch their breath right now.

Taylor Swift stepped out in New York City Wednesday night in a mustard-colored T-shirt that read "no its becky" and the Internet simply CANNOT.

For those of you who don't wade into the strange depths of Tumblr, or if you haven't been on the Internet AT ALL in the past few years, this is a big deal. Taylor knows about Becky. No. Taylor is Becky. The singer's school pictures went around the social blogging site with a caption claiming that she was a girl who lost her life to marijuana. If anyone disputed, well, "no its Becky." Here's the post for reference:

the one-and-only Tumblr


Swift recently joined Tumblr, and "liked" the post, causing fans who monitor her every move on the site to go bananas. But now, Becky's story has gotten even more chaotic as Taylor brought the joke to light. C'mon, Taylor. First rule of Tumblr: don't talk about Tumblr.

Nevertheless, it's an inside joke that has Swifties squealing.

Literally, I can't even.