'Teen Wolf''s Kira Is Going AWOL...But Will She Come Back?

Looks like the Dread Doctors have corrupted the kitsune.

Is it just us, or does it feel like Scott's entire "Teen Wolf" pack is being torn apart? For some reason, the True Alpha is blaming himself... but WE BLAME THE DREAD DOCTORS.

For fear of wreaking even more havoc in Beacon Hills (let's be real — the Kitsune likely left that dead body in Melissa's kitchen), Kira appears to be peacing out after a memory resurfaced surrounding her first night back from New York. Apparently, when K wandered out of the car into the rain, the Dreads tossed her on top of the vehicle and went all science experiment on her, unbeknownst to her 'rents. (Remember when Theo appeared out of nowhere? IT'S ALL MAKING SENSE! Sorta.)

That explains Kira's sudden dark aura, her strange antics, why she can't come within 10 feet of a light pole without blowing a fuse and Scott's growing distrust.

Now the supernatural is bound and determined to keep from causing any more mayhem and claims she needs to leave Beacon Hills in order to "fix it." How she plans to reverse the damage caused by the Dreads is beyond us. Do you think Kira will make a return? We sure hope so -- we've started to grow pretty fond of the kind-hearted fox. Comment with your thoughts, and tune in Monday at 10/9c for the penultimate episode!