It's Travolta vs. De Niro in 'Killing Season' Trailer

It's John Travolta's experimental facial hair and accent against Robert De Niro's flannel shirts and shotguns in "Killing Season," an action thriller set in the Appalachian Mountains.

Both of these guys are obviously screen legends, but they've both also seemingly had problems saying "no" to bad movies on occasion. Where this one will fall is anyone's guess until it hits on-demand outlets and theaters on July 12, but for now, it's fun watching them square off in this brand new trailer. De Niro plays a military vet sequestering himself away in the mountains who reluctantly becomes buddies with a European tourist (!) played by Travolta. Of course, as that beard should have signaled, Mr. Euro Tourist is up to no good.

Battling it out in rough mountain terrain, the two guys must go out it all Rambo/"Red Dawn" (the real one) style faster than one can yell "Wolverines!" Will Travis Bickle whip Vincent Vega? Probably not in a dance off, but maybe in a mountain gun battle.

"Killing Season" was directed by Mark Steven Johnson, who "Daredevil" and "Ghost Rider" and wrote "Grumpy Old Men" (there's a Travolta/De Niro joke in there somewhere, but we ain't making it).