Anna Kendrick, Chris Pratt And 13 Other Actors Who Really Stan For Hip-Hop

Rapping along to Eminem? Getting hip-hop tats? Yep. Actors do that.

It's hard to picture some actors outside of the roles they've played in TV and film -- even if we know they're just acting.

That's what happened with me and Ryan Phillippe. I kind of only thought of him as the dude in his movies so when news hit that he'd gotten a Sean Price tat on his arm, I was actually surprised. Who knew he was such a fan of rap?

Turns out that's the case with a lot of actors, so we thought it'd be cool to put together a list of some stars who love hip-hop more than we expected them to. Check it out!

Chris Pratt

Pratt's best known as the funny cat in "Parks & Rec" and an action star in "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Jurassic Park," but he's also a rap fan. Haven't you heard him spit "Forgot About Dre?" That vid proves he's kind of a Stan when he's not in blockbuster movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ever watch Leo D spitting rhymes from A Tribe Called Quest's classic "Scenario" onstage? He's also friends with Q-Tip and wants to make a TV show about the iconic group. Plus, he once had Kanye and 2 Chainz rap at his birthday party. That's real rap love right there.

Jonah Hill



Jonah might not strike you as the biggest rap fan in the world, but you gotta reassess that. "I was a hardcore hip-hop head," he told Vibe back in 2010. "I had on my Rawkus T-shirt everyday." If you look closely at that GIF above, you can see Tyler, The Creator on his shirt. Clearly, he's still reppin' his favs.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia has serious love for hip-hop. He's teamed up with acts like Kid Cudi and Cage and he even (reportedly) has a Tupac tattoo...And oh yeah, he busted a freestyle in the middle of a forest in a WTF video that you have to watch.

Daniel Radcliffe

I might forever recognize Dan Rad as Harry Potter, but I gotta admit, I saw another side of him when he killed a version of Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics." Gift of Gab had to be proud.

Aziz Ansari

Have you ever heard Aziz Ansari's rap anecdotes? They're hilarious. Just watch the video above to hear about Jay Z's ballerific steez and Kanye being Kanye. Then, of course, there's the always-good-for-a-laugh 50 Cent grapefruit soda story. All of this just proves the "Parks and Rec" star is as in love with hip-hop as he is funny.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jay Z's homegirl Gwyneth Paltrow might not immediately strike you as a hip-hop fan, but she's actually a certified rap lover who covers Drake and Big Sean, goes to rap concerts , makes hip-hop-inspired purses and raps along to N.W.A (as you can see above).

Idris Elba

Idris is a talented man. He played Stringer Bell in "The Wire," a detective in "Luther" and Heimdall in "Age of Ultron." That's range. But, when I say he's talented, I also mean that he can do many things outside of acting too (like rapping and singing). Just check out "Private Garden" above for an example of his written work and peep this link here for a sample of his freestyles.

Ryan Phillippe

Shia might have a Pac tat, but how many people do you know with Sean Price ink? Ryan's so serious about his love for hip-hop, in fact, that he even directed Wax's "This One's On Me" last month.

Emma Stone

Who doesn't know the hook to DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win?" Come on, now. That's easy money. But how many people can keep up with Ludacris' rapid fire delivery on that song? Not too many. In fact, I guarantee a lot of folks would do the whole mumbling and pretending they know the words thing. But Emma Stone? She stayed right there with Luda.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

JGL once tried to show off his rap love with a rendition of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." Plus, back in '09, he was a guest DJ for radio station KCRW and he decided to show love for Jay Z and Rage Against The Machine (whose lead singer happens to be a rapper too).

Gina Rodriguez

Before she became “Jane The Virgin,” Gina Rodriguez was bustin' rhymes with L.A. underground mainstay 2Mex. She’s rapped Luda's rhymes in front of 'Cris and she’s even dropped more of her own bars as "Filly Brown."

Jake Gyllenhaal

From the thin "Nightcrawler" to the super bulked up "Southpaw," Gyllenhaal can play almost anyone so it's hard to get a grip on what kind of music Jake really loves. But during an interview with Global Grind (above), Jake G broke down his true love for rap. "My playlist is pretty much hip-hop," he said. We know he's kicked it with Eminem and he's even brought some of his love for rap to the big screen along with Anna Kendrick so we gotta believe that. Speaking of Anna Kendrick...

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick probably gave you "ear-gasms" with her mellow accent while rhyming Dre's verse off "No Diggity" in "Pitch Perfect," but her love for rap goes way beyond that movie.

Want more? Let's see: She's rapped about dongs and sang the hook to Chance The Rapper's "Sunday Candy" on a talk show. Plus, you know that scene (above) where she and Jake Gyllenhaal rap to "Hey Ma" in the car? Well, that was apparently improvised and Jake G told Global Grind that Anna knows the song by heart (which we honestly wouldn't doubt at this point).

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry's an iconic comedian, but he's gotta love rap. He even took time out of his legendary career to record a whole album with Wale.