Rage Bassist Crashes Limp Bizkit's VMA Party

Despite all the script work, staging, and rehearsals, award shows usually only become memorable when some beautifully strange interruption halts the proceedings.

For the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards, that interruption came when Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim C. perched himself atop a large set piece as Limp Bizkit attempted to accept its award for Best Rock Video.

As Limp tried to deliver an acceptance speech, the bassist shimmied up a 15-foot-high arc reminiscent of the crown of the Statue Of Liberty, and began to rock back and forth. A flurry of stagehands rushed to steady the swaying structure, and Limp frontman Fred Durst proclaimed Limp "the most hated band in the world" in what was easily the most disjointed acceptance speech of the night. Durst and his band managed to blurt out some thank-yous while staffers tried to lure the bassist down.

Toni Braxton and 98 Degrees gamely took the stage next and tried to present the subsequent award while

the effort to extract Tim from the stage rigging continued.

After a commercial break, Carson Daly joined Durst, who quipped, "I guess that's just raging against the machine."

Backstage after the incident, Durst elaborated, saying, "It was weird, and it would have sucked if he got hurt getting out of there. It looked like he was struggling. I hope he gets his head checked real soon."

The development also gave VMA hosts the Wayans brothers plenty to chew on as well. "I'm just glad he wasn't a brother, or they probably would have shot his ass," co-host Shawn Wayans quipped.

For the stunt, Tim C., as well as a man identified as Big Pete Beattle, an event security worker for Rage Against The Machine, were removed from the venue in handcuffs by police.

Rage's clip for "Sleep Now In The Fire" was up against Limp in the running for Best Rock Video.

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