Rihanna Is A Saucy Little Girl In This Animated 'Home' Trailer

This is the best home movie I've ever seen.

Rihanna's newest film endeavor is just like "Battleship." Except it's animated. And she's in a flying car instead of a boat. And, oh yeah, SHE PLAYS A LITTLE GIRL.

Not to mention that she befriends an alien and has a calico cat named Pig.

OK, so "Home" is nothing like her 2012 "Battleship" journey. In fact, judging by the trailer she tweeted out today, it looks way fiercer -- and cuter. And, as we heard back in February, Rih is recording a concept album to go along with the flick.

DreamWorks Animation


Rih Rih plays Tip, "an ordinary girl with a mom who loves her," who befriends O, a misfit alien, who's looking for a place to find home. They go on adventures and, wouldn't you know it, O has a few enemies. Good thing the roly, poly, tentacly creature can fight his foes with his new buddies, Tip and Pig!

(Sidenote: After viewing the trailer a few times, I feel like Pig will definitely be the star of this movie. It's a cat. Who dances. What more do you want?)

DreamWorks Animation


The DreamWorks Animation film also stars Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin, and is supposedly out March 2015.