Happy Birthday, Usher, Join Our GIF'd Out Dance Party

This is the UR experience.

Usher is the life of the party -- every party. Throughout his entire career, the superstar singer has given us timeless dance hits and supplied us with the moves to go with them, so for his 36th birthday we decided to send those good vibes right back.

Happy birthday, Usher -- today we're throwing you the ultimate UR dance party, because it's your special day and no one else can cut a rug quite like you.

Go shawty, it's my birthday.

And I'm getting ready for my party.

I'll be there soon, keep your shirt on.

I just know bae is gonna be there.

And Beyoncé.

And the Biebs.

Tell Chilli to come, too. It's all good.

Who's bringing the cake?

Oooooh, presents.

Lots and lots of presents.

Now, somebody get me a drink.

So I can get up out my seat.

While the DJ plays my song.

Because I came to get down tonight.

That was a great party man!